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This new 369-page softcover is a complete collection of SSPC surface preparation (SP) specifications, together with chapters on surface preparation materials, methods, and equipment from other key SSPC publications. It includes the widely-used SSPC/NACE International joint surface preparation standards for white metal (SP 5/NACE 1), near-white (SP 10/NACE 2), commercial (SP 6/NACE 3), industrial (SP 14/NACE 8), and brush-off blast cleaning (SP 7/NACE 4), as well as the joint SSPC/NACE standards for waterjetting (SP 12/NACE 5) and the surface preparation of concrete (SP 13/NACE 6).

Also included are the SSPC standards for solvent cleaning (SP 1), hand tool cleaning (SP 2), power tool cleaning (SP 3, SP 11, SP 15), and pickling (SP 8), plus the SSPC abrasives specifications (AB 1, AB 2, AB 3), the SSPC Surface Preparation Commentary for Steel and Concrete Substrates (SP COM), the SSPC/NACE reports on thermal pre-cleaning (TR 1/NACE 6G194) and wet abrasive blast cleaning (TR 2/NACE 6G198), the SSPC technology update on chemical stripping (TU 6), and the recently published SSPC-Guide 15, Field Methods for Retrieval and Analysis of Soluble Salts on Steel and Other Nonporous Substrates.

This new compilation also includes excerpts from SSPC's "Good Painting Practice" and "The Inspection of Coatings and Linings" discussing various surface preparation methods and equipment; metallic, nonmetallic, and specialty abrasives; dehumidification during coating operations; the preparation of concrete and other nonferrous substrates; and other relevant topics.