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Full Description

This standard specifies data type specific format requirements for several types of data bursts that may be carried within an AES3 interface according to SMPTE 337. Included are descriptions of the data type (defined in SMPTE 338), the format of the burst_payload for the data type, the coding of data type dependent fields in the burst_preamble, and additional data burst and bitstream formatting requirements not defined in SMPTE 337. This includes specific synchronization methods which may affect formatting.

This standard covers generic data types which include null data, time stamp data, user defined data, pause data, and utility data which may include video frame synchronization information.

Document History

  1. SMPTE ST 339:2015


    Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in an AES3 - Generic Data Types

    • Most Recent
  2. SMPTE 339-2008

    Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in an AES3 - Generic Data Types (Revision of SMPTE 339M-2004)

    • Historical Version
  3. SMPTE 339M-2004

    Television - Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in AES3 - Generic Data Types

    • Historical Version