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This standard specifies the format of the unique material identifier (UMID). The UMID provides a method of identification for instances of audiovisual material and thus enables the material to be linked with its associated metadata. The UMID itself is neither intended for the identification of copyright nor the ownership of rights. Nor, for example, does it identify program content or works. The UMID consists of an ordered group of components each providing a key aspect to the identification of the audiovisual material, be it picture, sound or data. A key property of a UMID generated in accordance with this standard is that it is possible to use the resulting UMID simply as a globally unique dumb number. The UMID can exist in one of two forms: ? A basic UMID, which contains the minimum components necessary for unique identification; and ? An extended UMID, which attaches a packed metadata set (source pack) to the basic UMID. This standard specifies the formats of each component in both the basic UMID and the extended UMID. This standard also identifies and specifies methods by which the components of the identifier can be created. A glossary is provided to define the terms used in this standard and this scope.

Document History

  1. SMPTE ST 330:2011


    Television - Unique Material Identifier (UMID)

    • Most Recent
  2. SMPTE 330M-2004

    Television - Unique Material Identifier (UMID)

    • Historical Version