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Full Description

This standard defines operational pattern 2a for the exchange of an MXF file with a play-list of playable essence containers, each comprising either a single essence element or interleaved essence elements. It defines the operating restrictions, structural metadata objects and individual attributes that must be applied to the MXF file format specification to achieve interoperability when exchanging an MXF file as a list of continuously playable items of audio-visual material.

Operational pattern 2a is intended to meet the requirements of acquisition, storage and interchange applications that are satisfied by a play-list of individual items of content packaged in two or more essence containers each of the same type. Operational pattern 2a requires the use of body partitions for internal essence containers. Subdivision of each essence container by using body partitions is optional.

Document History

  1. SMPTE 392:2013


    Material Exchange Format (MXF) - Operational Pattern 2a (Play-List Items, Single Package)

    • Most Recent
  2. SMPTE 392M-2004

    Television - Material Exchange Format (MXF) - Operational Pattern 2a (Play-List Items, Single Package)

    • Historical Version