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The purpose of this standard is to define a method to uniformly map metadata and data essence present within vertical ancillary packets (VANC) on the serial digital Interface (SDI), into VAUX DIF blocks of a DVbased 25 Mb/s or 50 Mb/s stream. Additionally, the standard defines a mapping method that results in an increase of the video aperture by one video line (extended video line) for the 25 Mb/s DV-based compression scheme. The VANC mapping is applicable to 525/60 and 625/50 signal formats that use the 25 Mb/s or 50 Mb/s DVbased compression system. The mapping of the extended video line is applicable only to the 25 Mb/s DVbased stream. This mapping process requires use of a 10-bit SDI interface for the incoming video signal.