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Reports on an experimental study of the effects of different fin configurations - flat, wavy and louvred - on the performance of finned-tube heat exchangers in the presence of frost. The parameters quantified include frost accumulation, air-side pressure drop, sensible heat transfer coefficient, enthalpy drop and heat exchanger effectiveness. These were studied for the three fin types mentioned for different values of air humidities and fin densities. States that trends for frost accumulation and airside pressure drop are consistent with those reported in the literature. However, contrary to previous studies, the sensible heat transfer coefficient was approximately constant for the periods of the test. The enthalpy drop and heat exchanger effectiveness also had similar trends, confirming that for periods of less than one hour, for the given set of test conditions, there is no significant performance degradation due to frost.

KEYWORDS: Experiment, heat flow, finned tube heat exchangers, heat exchangers, fins, frost, pressure drop, performance, heat content.

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 96, pt. 2, St. Louis 1990