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Full Description

This computer programme is applicable for freezing rooms, spiral and blast freezers. Various kinds of products: vegetable, fruit, meat, fish, diary and other products. The procedure and data used in calculating refrigeration loads are based on ASHRAE publications and a long experience in practice. There are several components to the refrigeration load: the transmission load, the product cooling load, the internal loads from electromotor, el. lights, heaters and the internal load from air coolers (fans motors). There are tables from ASHRAE Handbooks incorporated in the programme for: thermal conductivity of insulating and building materials, specific heat of food above and below freezing, specific heat of packing material. Interactive and easy use of "FREEZING" enables to follow results instantly. There is option for a presentation quality summary on a printer with many details. The program requires a computer with the Windows operating system.

Citation: Non-ASHRAE Software