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A round-robin field test of proposed ASHRAE Standard 152P, Method of Test for Determining Design and Seasonal Efficiency of Residential Thermal Distribution Systems, was carried out in a one-story house with basement in Chicago, Illinois. The main goal of the test was to assess the degree to which measured duct efficiencies under Standard 152P are reproducible. Five complete tests were carried out, each by a different tester. To avoid bias, none of the testers was aware of the others' results until after all tests had been performed. Each tester measured house and duct dimensions, the system fan flow rate, and, using two different methods, the leakage to the outside of the supply and return ducts. Each tester's measurements were used to obtain values of distribution efficiency for heating and cooling. The consistency of these results was used to assess reproducibility.

Units: Dual

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, 1998, Vol 104, pt. 1A, San Francisco