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Full Description

This product comes with 4 hours of free consultation. SEPT will answer any question concerning the standard or Checklist for 60 days after purchase.

New! Order the "Self-Extracting File Format" option to get this product in an editable Microsoft Word document!

Now! The experts at SEPT have revised this checklist to reflect revision 1 to this major software engineering document: ANSI/UL 1998 Standard for Software in Programmable Components. This standard is used by the fuel cell and medical device business community. The ANSI/UL 1998 standard is focused toward application-specific, non-networked software in a programmable component embedded in a product for which a failure may result in injury to persons.

In addition, ANSI/UL 1998 is a reference software standard intended to be used in conjunction with any product specific safety standards that address safety requirements for the identified programmable component and the product hardware. A general software configuration of a microprocessor based programmable component typically includes the operating system or executive software, communication software, micro-controller, input/output hardware, and any generic software libraries, database management or user interface software.

The Checklist provides an easy-to-use classification scheme of physical evidence comprised of policies, procedures, plans, records, documents, audits, and reviews. The Checklist clarifies what is required for compliance though a product evidence list that will assist any software organization in meeting the requirements of this standard.

Use of the Checklist will save time and money, and may aid in meeting certain governmental requirements.

A quality software engineering aid at a reasonable price!

New! Interested in an unlimited 5-year corporate license for this product? Contact Software Engineering Process Technology (SEPT) for more information! Tel. 425-391-2344, Fax 425-557-9419.