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Full Description

This product is a zip file that contains files that consist of PowerPoint slides synchronized with the audio-recording of the speaker, PDF files of the slides, and audio only (mp3 format) as noted.

Integrated design and delivery require a collaborative effort from all parties throughout project life cycle. This requires a shift in how we as an industry think about and deliver projects. Baby steps are allowed. This seminar discusses various aspects of integrated project delivery and strategies to implement an integrated design process. This session will consider ways to successfully facilitate integrated project delivery, from current perceptions around integrated design to tools, processes, and the roles we might play.
1. Jedi Mind Tricks for Integrated Project Delivery (But First you Must Believe…)
Mitchell Swann, P.E., MDC Systems, Paoli, PA
2. The Force is Strong with This One: Integrated Design Process Perceptions
Michel Tardif, CanmetENERGY, Ottawa, ON, Canada
3. The Force will be with You, Always: Facilitating Success in Integrated Project Delivery
Lianne Cockerton, P.Eng., Martin Roy et Associés, Montreal, QC, Canada
4. Welcome to the Dark Side: Simulation in the Integrated Design Process
Danielle Monfet, Ph.D., École de technologie supérieure, Montreal, QC, Canada

Citation: ASHRAE Seminar Recordings, 2019 Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA