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Track: Residential Buildings: Standards Guidelines and Codes
Sponsor: 7.6 Building Energy Performance, SSPC 90.2; Residential Building Committee
Chair: Theresa A. Weston, Ph.D., Member, DuPont Building Innovations, Richmond, VA
Standard 90.2 Energy-Efficient Design of Low- Rise Residential Buildings has undergone a major revision which was released in the Public Review conducted at the end of 2016. This seminar discusses the new direction of the standard to become an accurate, flexible performance‐based tool to enable user creativity in meeting the performance objectives residential building energy performance that is at least 50% more efficient than the energy efficiency defined by the 2006 IECC.

1. Standard 90.2 in a Diverse Residential Marketplace
Chris Mathis, Member, Mathis Consulting, Asheville , NC
Residential buildings are responsible for over 22% of total US energy use. Recognizing the role of residential buildings on energy demand, environmental impact and economic development, ASHRAE has been working to revise Standard 90.2 to better address these and other topics. Concurrently, ASHRAE has engaged a diverse array of residential stakeholders within and outside of ASHRAE to determine the scope of needs in the residential marketplace, and to determine ASHRAE's role in addressing those needs. This presentation explores the diversity of residential stakeholders ASHRAE seeks to engage and the possible opportunities for 90.2 to impact the residential built environment.

2. Standard 90.2 Performance and Flexibility
Philip Fairey, Member, Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL
This presentation describes the performance approach which is the core of 90.2. Performance‐based energy calculation tools have long been elements of building code compliance and beyond code programs. However, these building energy modeling tools have often been varied and inconsistent in their default assumptions, modeling rule sets and calculation approaches. To address these concerns, the SSPC 90.2 has developed very detailed rules governing the energy modeling and analyses necessary to determine compliance. More importantly, 90.2 provides a mechanism by which any residential building design can be easily evaluated against these performance objectives.

3. Illuminating the ASHRAE 90.2 Lighting Requirements
Theresa A. Weston, Ph.D., Member, DuPont Building Innovations, Richmond, VA
This presentation gives an overview of the advanced lighting technologies and strategies, from lamps to control systems, to help deliver even greater levels of lighting energy savings than current minimum code.

Presented: June 28, 2017, 8:00-9:30 AM
Run Time
: 90 min.

This is a zip file that consists of PowerPoint slides synchronized with the audio-recording of the speaker (recorded presentation), PDF files of the slides, and audio only (mp3) for each presentation.