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This product is a PDF that contains links to files that consist of PowerPoint slides synchronized with the audio-recording of the speaker (recorded presentation), PDF files of the slides, and audio only (mp3) as noted.

Radiant heating and cooling systems, utilizing “low temperature heating and high temperature cooling” allow system components, such as chillers, boilers, heat pumps and renewable sources, to operate within their maximum engineered performance range. This seminar covers design and control strategies for embedded-tube radiant-based HVAC systems for maximum energy efficiency and enhanced thermal human comfort. A case study of an ambitious project in San Francisco, California will illustrate how radiant based systems can used as part of an energy efficient design solution on a projected LEED Platinum, Net-Zero project.

49-1 Designing for Net-Zero Energy Usage Using Radiant-Based Heating and Cooling Systems
Peter Simmonds, Ph.D., IBE Consulting Engineers
This product contains: Recorded Presentation, Audio (mp3), Slides (pdf)

49-2 Simplified Control and Piping Options for Low Temperature Heating with High Temperature Cooling
Robert Bean, Healthy Heating
This product contains: Recorded Presentation, Audio (mp3), Slides (pdf)

49-3 Case Study: Exploratorium Museum San Francisco
Peter H. Rumsey, Rumsey Engineers, Inc.
This product contains: Recorded Presentation, Audio (mp3), Slides (pdf)

Citation: ASHRAE Seminar Recording, 2012 Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX