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In order to properly calculate the expected heat gains and/or heat losses in mobile homes, the infiltration rate has to be known. The ASHRAE HANDBOOK OF FUNDAMENTALS (1) suggests an approximate method, referred to as the crack method which unfortunately does not apply too well to mobile homes.

Measurements of infiltration in a mobile home are now presented. The rate of decay method, with carbon monoxide as a tracer, was found to be dependable and economical. In the measurements, relatively high values of infiltration rates were noted. The different zones (i.e., main living area andsub~flooDing) and different modes of conditioning (i.e., heating or air conditioning) were isolated attempting to identify the causes for high rate$ of infiltration. In addition, the essentially linear dependence of infiltration on temp~rature difference was confirmed while no dependable trends on the effects of wind were noted. The reported measurements are limited by at least two conditions: (1) small pedestal-type fans were used in the living area of the mobile home to stimulate mixing and (2) the runs were all restricted to only one home which mayor may not be representative of the product.

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, Volume 82, Part 2, Seattle, WA