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Full Description

This standard defines the Real-time Event Signaling and Management (ESAM) API, an interface that allows a Signal Acquisition System (e.g. encoder, transcoder, packager, stream switcher, etc.) to submit signals to a Signal Decision System and receive relevant instructions for processing the signal or associated content. Furthermore, the Signal Decision System has the ability to initiate a set of instructions based on a schedule or event that is not signaled in the content.

There are several kinds of acquisition systems and the possible instruction set will vary based on the purpose and capabilities of the system. An encoder/transcoder will typically receive instructions for conditioning the content for splices or changes in content for either advertising insertion or alternative content due to blackout restriction. A linear stream switcher is responsible for managing an outbound linear stream based on content/blackout requirements for an intended audience. A packager will typically receive instructions about how to segment content and compose a manifest. All systems are eligible to receive instructions about status reporting or how to add or remove in-band signals.

Document History

  1. SCTE 250 2019


    Real-time Event Signaling and Management API

    • Most Recent
  2. SCTE 250 2019

    Real-time Event Signaling and Management API

    • Historical Version