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Full Description

The intent of this document is to describe several energy management use cases that may be addressed with the ANSI SCTE 216 2015: Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification (APSIS?) and SCTE 237 2017: Implementation Steps for Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification (APSIS).

This document describes use cases as relevant for cable system operators, with specific focus on the cable access network; the infrastructure that delivers services between a content source such as a data center, and a subscriber.

SCTE 216, which normatively references IETF EMAN and related RFCs, is generalized to be relevant to domains outside the scope of the cable access network and to support use cases not de-scribed here.

Further development in this field may lead to discovery of technical and business opportunities not anticipated here. For these reasons, the use cases presented here should not be considered exhaustive.

These use cases are merely descriptive of the potential applicability of APSIS. Any specific use case may or may not be adopted by any set of system operators. The presentation of a use cas