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Since the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) started working on the first edition of the Green Building Guidelines in 2000 much has changed. Nearly two million housing units have been built every year. During the years since then the green phenomenon has taken firm hold nationally, touching many aspects of our lives, including the construction and home building sectors. The green home building movement, which applies environmentally sensitive design and construction techniques to reduce energy and water consumption and improve residential comfort and safety, has moved rapidly into the mainstream.

This new edition will help to educate newcomers to green home building as well as share SBIC's overarching philosophy that sustainability, as critical as it is, cannot stand alone. A more inclusive "whole building approach" is required and is summarized for readers of this new edition. Although primarily a builder's guide, the information is valuable to anyone who wants to learn more about green home design. The text includes basic concepts and provides resources for more detailed information. At the end of each section are "Interactions" which are references to other sections of the book describing design strategies, systems, components, or materials that may interact in important ways with the topic of a chapter.

Includes CD of NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines.