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About This Item


Full Description

AMS-QQ-N-290B has been reinstated to cover previously qualified products. New design applications are encouraged to consider AMS2403 and AMS2423.

These products have been used typically for electrodeposited nickel plating on steel, copper and copper alloys, and zinc and zinc alloys, but usage is not limited to such applications.

The original issue of this document was taken directly from U.S. Military Specification QQ-N-290A and contained only minor editorial and format changes required to bring it into conformance with the publishing requirements of SAE technical standards. The initial release of AMS-QQ-N-290 is intended to replace QQ-N-290A. Any part numbers established by the original specification remain unchanged.

The original Military Specification was adopted as an SAE standard under the provisions of the SAE Technical Standards Board (TSB) Rules and Regulations (TSB 001) pertaining to accelerated adoption of government specifications and standards. TSB rules provide for (a) the publication of portions of unrevised government specifications and standards without consensus voting at the SAE Committee level, and (b) the use of the existing government specification or standard format.

Under Department of Defense policies and procedures, any qualification requirements and associated qualified products lists are mandatory for DOD contracts. Any requirement relating to qualified products lists (QPLs) has not been adopted by SAE and is not part of this SAE technical document.

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    Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited) (Stabilized: Oct 2021)

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    Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited)

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    Nickel Plating (Electrodeposited)

    • Historical Version