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About This Item


Full Description

This document has been declared "Stabilized" and will no longer be subjected to periodic reviews for currency. Users are responsible for verifying references and continued suitability or technical requirements. New technology may exist.

This specification covers a two-component air-curing resin-base material in the form of a paste or putty, suitable for application by spatula or putty knife. Primarily to fill aircraft skin depressions to a maximum depth of 0.250 in. (6.25 mm) and be capable of being painted with subsequent specified coatings. These materials are meant for filling small holes, crevices, and gaps or for smoothing areas requiring thin layers of flexible material to produce the required smoothness on aerodynamic surfaces. Suitable for maintaining adhesion to surfaces subject to service temperatures from -55 degrees to +130 degrees C (-65 degrees to +270 degrees F).

Document History

  1. SAE AMS3694B


    Aerodynamic Smoothing Compound, Flexible ¿¿¿55¿¿ to +130¿¿C (¿¿¿65¿¿ to +270¿¿F) (Stabilized: Jan 2012)

    • Most Recent
  2. SAE AMS3694A

    Aerodynamic Smoothing Compound, Flexible, -55 to +130\mDC (-65 to +270\mDF) ( Noncurrent: Jul 1991 Feb 2004 )

    • Historical Version