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Hybrid ground source heat pump (HyGSHP) systems are gaining popularity as a means of decreasing long term energy and maintenance costs while maintaining manageable first costs. In these systems there is a potential to use the ground not only as an immediate heat source or sink, but also as an energy store. On a scale of months, heat rejected to the ground during the cooling season could potentially be recovered during the heating season. On a scale of hours, the ground storage could be cooled by a hybrid component, such as a cooling tower, during the night in order to improve the heat rejections efficiency in cooling during the following day. This paper will represent the results of a detailed study of he ground as a thermal energy storage medium on a short term basis in a cooling dominated environment, also referred to as a night pre-cooling. A simplified model of a bore-field is developed to calculate storage efficiency and thermal more detailed model is used to evaluate the power consumption and operational cost of a system using the ground for diurnal thermal storage.

Citation: ASHRAE Trans., vol. 118, pt. 2, San Antonio, TX