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This chapter covers (1) the types of dehumidification equipment for liquid and solid desiccants, including high-pressure equipment;(2) performance curves; (3) variables of operation; and (4) some typical applications. Using desiccants to dry refrigerants is addressed in Chapter 8 of the 2014 ASHRAE Handbook—Refrigeration.

Methods of Dehumidification
Desiccant Dehumidification
Liquid Desiccant Equipment
Solid-Sorption Equipment
Rotary Solid-Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Equipment Ratings
Equipment Operating Recommendations
Applications for Atmospheric-Pressure Dehumidification
Desiccant Drying at Elevated Pressure
Equipment Types

ISBN: 978-1-947192-52-2 (for I-P versions of chapters)
ISSN: 1078-6066 (for I-P versions of chapters)