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There is a need to develop recommendations for TCs involved in research projects that have software deliverables. TC recommendations for software are needed during key phases of the ASHRAE research process. This includes assisting the TCs to formulate, conduct and deliver quality software, and addresses important issues of requirements, documentation and user feedback. The recommendations are needed to promote the development of well-defined software requirements, a process to check that the requirements have been fulfilled, and reviews to assure the quality of the software. The objective of this research project is to provide TC members with tools, to establish and evaluate software deliverables and processes. The contractor will develop ASHRAE Software Evaluation Criteria and a Companion Guide that covers each step in the ASHRAE Research process, considering the most important aspects of relevant software standards. The software evaluation criteria and accompanying guide will be used by TC members developing and assessing research projects with software deliverables. For each Step in the ASHRAE Research process, the goal is to write key, simple, and general evaluation criteria; and a brief, understandable, and useful Guide.

PRINCAL INVESTIGATOR: Henry Amistadi, Scientific Computing
CONDUCTED: May 1997 - February 1998
SPONSORED BY: TC 1.5, Computer Applications