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A body of relevant and accurate information on the energy, environmental, health, fire safety, corrosion, and cost consequences of properly applied alternate working fluids in Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) systems is needed by system design engineers.

The objective of this effort is to obtain relevant and accurate information on these factors of properly applied alternative working fluids in GSHP systems. The scope is composed of six tasks: (1) detailed thermal, hydraulic, and cost analysis; (2) corrosion assessment; (3) health hazard assessment; (4) fire hazard assessment; (5) environmental assessment; and (6) field survey and integrated report. Six working fluids shall be investigated. The final product shall be the documentation of detailed guidelines for ground heat exchanger assembly, handling, and installation, and for working fluid handling, installation, and service.

PRINCAL INVESTIGATOR: Robert Tapscott, University of New Mexico
CONDUCTED: September 1995 - October 1996
SPONSORED BY: TC 6.8, Geothermal Energy Utilization