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Flat oval duct offers advantages over other shapes of ducts, rectangular and circular, in certain applications. The main disadvantage of flat oval duct is the lack of construction standards as compared to rectangular duct The purpose of this study is to perform experimental testing and to develop a finite element computer model of flat oval duct to obtain duct deformations at various pressures. The results of the testing will be compared to the predictions of the computer simulations to evaluate the performance of the model. It is hoped that if an accurate computer model can be developed, it can be used to generate construction standards for flat oval duct.

The purpose of this study is to develop a finite element model of flat oval duct to determine sheet metal panel and reinforcement member defelection at various pressures, and to validate the model by experimental testing.

The ultimate objective is to use the validated finite element model to generate flat oval duct construction tables for use by duct system designers. This effort is a future study.