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This report describes the work performed for ASHRAE RP-699. The project was motivated by the need for an accurate design tool to predict the dynamic performance of ice-onpipe brine thermal storage systems. In order to accomplish this major objective, the following work was performed:

• A thermal model of the ice tank was developed which included both latent and sensible energy effects. The model allowed for the creation and destruction of multiple layers of ice and liquid which could form during a sequence of charge and discharge periods.
• A numerical solution to the model equations was developed and implemented in a computational algorithm to predict the performance of the ice tank component.
• The theoretical performance predictions generated from the ice thermal storage algorithm were tested and validated against ORNL data for Calmac and BAC ice tanks. The agreement between predicted and measured brine exit temperature and charge or discharge rate was good.
• A set of Fortran 77 computer source codes was developed for the thermal storage component implemented as a component model as well as a program to drive the ice tank, chiller and load component models in a complete system simulation. Validation runs from the model and example applications were also included.
• A users guide was developed to document the ice thermal storage software.