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In response to regulatory actions arising from the Montreal Protocol and the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA), refrigerator-freezer manufacturers and government researchers are investigating energyefficient replacement refrigerants for R-12. The Montreal Protocol, enacted in 1987, requires that by mid-1998, the production of R-12 be reduced by 50% relative to 1986 levels (Federal Register 1987). As a result, a replacement refrigerant must be decided upon as soon as possible to allow time for design changes, product life tests, and retooling. In an effort to select a refrigerant that has minimal impact on energy consumption and the environment, a screening analysis of potential refrigerants was performed that resulted in the selection of six candidates. The screening results show thatR-134a, R-134, R-152a, R- 134a/R-152a, R-22/R-152a/R-124, and R-134a/R-152a/R- 124 are the most promising refrigerants for future use based on the following criteria: ozone depletion potential (ODP), greenhouse warming potential (GWP), coefficient of performance (COP), and safety.