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The basic objective of this work statement was to develop general design charts for sizing the chilled-ceiling and displacement ventilation (CC/DV) system using a simplified plume-multilayer thermal model of the conditioned space. The second objective was to optimize CC/DV system operational parameters against different control strategies to improve system response to transient changes in the load and reduce energy use while maintaining the thermal comfort and indoor air quality. Both the design charts and optimization tool were validated by experimentation.

This final report is separated into five main parts. The first part is a short introduction of literature on design charts for CC/DV system operation. The second part describes the simplified wall-plume-multi-layer model and the descitization scheme. The model is the basis for developing the deign charts. The third part discusses the design charts development, validation by experimentation and 3-D simulations, and an example on how to use the charts for designing the two subsystems of chilled ceiling displacement ventilation.

Zip file containing a PDF of the final report and copies of supporting data and Fortran code, approximately 12 MB.


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