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The main objective of ASHRAE 1326-RP was the development of a new Load Calculation Applications Manual; the resulting manual was published by ASHRAE in June of 2009. In addition, several refinements and improvements to the Radiant Time Series Method (RTSM) were made as part of 1326-RP. These refinements and improvements include updating the fenestration model to be consistent with currently available manufacturers’ data, development of a correction for heat losses that can be significant in buildings with high percentages of single pane glazing on the façade, and development of compact procedures for computing radiant time factors (RTF) and conduction time series factors (CTSF). In addition, verification of the RTSM against the Heat Balance Method (HBM) with a large parametric study was also done.

For purposes of organizing the presentation of the work, it may be divided into five categories, which will form five sections of the main body of the report:

  • Revisions to Load Calculation Principles
  • Updating of RTSM – For Consistency with Manufacturer’s Data and Handbook
  • Support for RTSM – Bridging Gaps in the Methodology
  • Improvement to the RTSM
  • Verification of the RTSM

This zipped file consists of two documents, the Final Report and a dissertation thesis. The manuscript for the Load Calculation Applications Manual is not included.

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