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Measurement of air velociy and air volume flowrate by its very nature is a difficult and imprecies process. Clean air is typically not visible and thus its position and rate of chaneg of position cannot practically be measured using conventional mehtods of displacement and velocity measurement. The conventional method of determining air velocity is through the measurement of velocity pressure. Unfortunately, in the range of velocities typically encountered in and around Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs), the corresponding velocity pressures are very low, and therefore, difficult to measure accurately with the portable equipment utilized by field personnel.

The objectives of this study were to 1) Evaluate and compare the current methods of determining inflow velocities and exhaust airflow rates through Class II Type B2 and Class II type B3 hard ducted Biological Safety Cabinets; 2) Examine and possibly quantify the relationships between measured and calculated BSC inflow velocities using different measurement techniques, and the measured exhaust duct air volume flow rates; and 3) Establish, as best as possible, a definitive and preferred method of measuring inflow velocities and determining exhaust airflow through a Biologial Safety Cabinet.

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