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ASHRAE Research project 1060, Formulation for the Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air at High Temperatures, was begun with the following stated objective:

To extend the cataloging of data points of moist air properties to higher temperatures, and to develop mathematical relationships describing those properties. Specifically, equations should be developed for the virial coefficients for dry air, the virial coefficients for water vapor, the cross-virial coefficients for moist air, the molar volume of moist air, the compressibility factor for moist air, the molar enthalpy of moist air, the molar entropy of moist air, and the saturation curve of moist air. The properties shall be developed for temperatures and humidities up to such conditions that ideal gas formulations are valid to within 1% of actual property values. The temperature humdity conditions that bound that region shall be determined. An extra high temperature psychrometric chart shall be developed for temperatures up to 523.15 K (250° C) as a minimum, with moisture levels up to 1.5 kg/kg. [Later changed by TC 1.1 to 593 K (320° Qand 1.0 kg/kg].