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This chapter gives guidance to refrigeration engineers working with chemical plant designers so they can design an optimum refrigeration system. Refrigeration engineers must be familiar with the chemical process for which the refrigeration facilities are being designed. Understanding the overall process is also desirable. Computer programs are also available that can calculate cooling loads based on the gas chromatographic analysis of a process fluid. These programs accurately define not only the thermodynamic performance of the fluid to be chilled, but also the required heat transfer characteristics of the chiller.
Flow Sheets and Specifications
Refrigeration as a Utility
Load Characteristics
Safety Requirements
Equipment Characteristics
Start-Up and Shutdown
Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration Equipment

ISBN: 978-1-939200-97-6 (for I-P versions of chapters)
ISSN: 1930-7195 (for I-P versions of chapters)

Citation: 2018 ASHRAE Handbook--Refrigeration