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Overfeed systems force liquid in excess of the amount evaporated, either mechanically or by gas pressure, through organized-flow evaporators, separate it from the vapor, and return it to the evaporators. Mechanically pumped systems usually pump from a vessel at the connected suction pressure (i.e., low-temperature liquid). Gas-operated systems can be configured to deliver either low-temperature liquid directly like the mechanically pumped system, or subcooled liquid from a controlled pressure receiver at an intermediate pressure. With the latter, the accumulated overfed liquid is transferred from the low-pressure receiver back to the controlled-pressure receiver.
Overfeed System Operation
Refrigerant Distribution
Oil in System
Circulating Rate
Pump Selection and Installation
Evaporator Design
Refrigerant Charge
Start-Up and Operation
Line Sizing
Low-Pressure Receiver Sizing

ISBN: 978-1-939200-97-6 (for I-P versions of chapters)
ISSN: 1930-7195 (for I-P versions of chapters)

Citation: 2018 ASHRAE Handbook--Refrigeration