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The combustion of blends of R-152a and nonflammablefluoroethanes (R-134a, R-125, and R-116) was investigated bymeans of combustion product analysis and burning velocitymeasurement. Combustion reactions were carried out in aclosed vessel for a variety of blend compositions and over a widerange of blend/air equivalence ratios, and the chemical speciesproduced were analyzed by gas chromatography and FTIR spectroscopy.The burning velocities of the blends were obtainedfrom pressure–time development of the burned gases in thevessel. The maximum burning velocity of the additive/R-152ablends decreased with increasing fluorine-to-hydrogen ratio inthe total blends, independently of the properties of the additives.At stoichiometric concentrations, both R-152a and the additivesdecomposed equivalently, irrespective of the blend gases.Combustion product analysis showed that, when the blend hadinsufficient hydrogen atoms to react with fluorine atoms toproduce HF, the excess fluorine atoms produced COF2 and CF4as combustion products.

Citation: ASHRAE Trans., vol. 111, pt. 2, paper no. QC-06-042, p. 459-468