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A method to determine the various effects on the performance of a heat pump system due to a reversing valve is described. The method can be used effectively to compare the effects on a given system by different valves and thus can be used by end-product manufacturers in selecting sizes and sources of supply. The concept used in this analysis considers the compressor and the reversing valve as a combined unit in a heat pump system. Using a calorimeter setup, the changes in performance of this combined unit of components can be studied at various inlet and outlet conditions, in much the same manner as a compressor’s performance characteristics are analyzed. In conclusion, it is shown how the reversing valve has less of an effect on system performance in comparison to its effect on the compressor by itself. One valve that was tested showed a degradation of about 5% in a system, whereas it dropped the performance of the compressor alone by about 8%. The empirical method proposed herein can be used effectively in valve comparisons without actually having to resort to system testing.

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