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Full Description

Particulate and gaseous contamination monitoring, prevention, and control in datacom environments have gained greater importance because of an increase in datacom equipment reliability concerns arising from a multitude of factors: mission-critical societal dependence on computers; continued miniaturization of electronic circuit features; elimination of lead from printed circuit board solder metallurgies; proliferation of datacom equipment into geographies with high levels of sulfur-bearing contamination; increased use of free-air cooling to conserve energy; and expansion of the allowable temperature-humidity IT and datacom equipment envelope.

The second edition of Particulate and Gaseous Contamination in Datacom Environments describes in detail the procedures necessary to ensure airborne contaminants will not be a factor determining datacom equipment reliability.

All chapters in the second edition have been updated, and a separate chapter on contamination control has been added. A highlight of the update is a description of a landmark ASHRAE gaseous contamination datacom equipment center survey. The survey found that silver corrosion rate is a much better predictor of corrosion-related hardware failures, compared to the prior practice of relying on copper corrosion rate to predict failures. If air quality in a datacom equipment center is such that the silver corrosion rate is less than 200 Å/month, corrosion will not be a factor determining datacom equipment failures.

This book is the eighth in a series of datacom books published by ASHRAE and authored by Technical Committee 9.9, Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, and Electronic Equipment. This series provides comprehensive treatment of datacom cooling and related subjects.

Keywords: Contamination in data centers, particulate and gaseous contamination in data centers, corrorsion of IT equipment in data centers, deliquescent relative humidity

Citation: ASHRAE Book