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Notes the benefits of cold air distribution (42degF-49degF supply air) of reduced first cost, reduced building height and reduced energy and electricity demand cost plus improvements in comfort and indoor air quality. Points out that energy savings may be reduced or eliminated by the addition of fan-powered mixing boxes to a cold air distribution system. Cites examples which confirm that direct supply of 42degF-49degF air to a space is practical and desirable using currently-available diffusers, to provide superior room air diffusion and maximum energy savings. States there is a need for more published test data on the performance of diffusers with 42degF-49degF air.

KEYWORDS: Air conditioning, supply air, air temperature, air terminals, diffusers, low temperature, energy conservation, performance.

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, vol.97, Pt. 1, New York 1991