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Describes the results of measurements of the thermal performance of a floor-based, occupant-controlled ventilation system in a controlled environment chamber resembling the interior zone of a modern office building with modular workstation furniture and partitions. Tests investigated the effects of supply volume, supply location, supply direction, supply/return temperature difference, heat load density and workstation size and layout. Finds temperature differences from 1degC to 2.5degC were observed between different workstations and stratification in the room was strongly dependent on the supply air volume. The jet flow characteristics of the floor supply outlets produced high velocities in their immediate vicinity, increasing the risk of draught discomfort in these regions. However, by controlling the volume and trajectory of the supply air entering the space, office workers were able to control their local environment over a wide range, allowing them to create thermal conditions to their comfort preferences.

KEYWORDS: Air conditioning, testing, thermal comfort, offices, ventilation, floors.