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This study examined 20 multifamily properties of 90 units or more located in the Denver, Colorado, area and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each of the properties is heated by a central fuel-fired boiler or boilers that provide heated water to baseboard convective radiators or fan coil units in the apartments. This study shows that significant energy conservation occurred at these properties when a system of individual heat use monitoring and utility cost allocation was implemented. Allocation of central boiler fuel cost based on monitored use of heating systems induces tenants to use energy efficiently and helps property owners control costs. Additionally, systems of this type provide an alternative in new building construction to the installation of individual heating systems.

KEYWORDS: energy conservation, monitoring, flats, USA, central heating, metering, tenants, energy consumption, decentralisation, heat meters

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, vol.97, Pt. 1, New York 1991