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Clarivate Analytics have created the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) Disease report, which provides an up-to-date assessment of the disease landscape, including its market size, an overview of the burden for clinical development, the competitive intensity of the current and future market, and its unmet medical needs.

NHL is an umbrella term referring to more than 60 subtypes of closely-related lymphoproliferative malignancies, broadly divided into B-cell lymphomas and T-cell/NK cell lymphomas. The heterogeneity exhibited by NHLs lends to the ineligibility of patients for certain types of current treatments and poor responsiveness leading to relapse or refractory disease, driving a large area of unmet medical need. There has been much anticipation of CAR T-cell therapies to support rituximab in the fight against NHL, but this has been tempered by the high cost of these treatments, together with the safety concerns surrounding their impact on cytokine cascades.

The report includes Clarivate's proprietary patient population forecast built around the company's Incidence & Prevalence Database, focusing on the US, the 5EU countries, Japan, and BRIC. Clarivate Analytics' analysts also provide their opinions on rising stars in the development landscape, as well as promising mechanisms of interest.

Executive summary
 1. Disease background
 2. Market size
   2.1 Epidemiology
   2.2 Financial
 3. Clinical feasibility
   3.1 Biomarkers
   3.2 Preclinical models
   3.3 Clinical trial overview
 4. Competitive Landscape
   4.1 Standards of care algorithms
   4.2 Unmet Needs
 5. Development Landscape
  5.1 Pipeline
  5.2 Key players
  5.3 Promising MOAs
 6. Appendix