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Clarivate Analytics have created their non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Disease report, which provides an up-to-date assessment of the disease landscape, including its current and future market size, an overview of the burden for clinical development, the competitive intensity of the current and future market, and its unmet medical needs.

NASH lacks noticeable symptoms in the early stages of the disease, which is characterised by fat accumulation in the liver, inflammation and hepatocellular injury. Its pathophysiology can lead to fibrosis and end-stage liver disease / failure. The lack of available pharmaceutical interventions for this disorder, coupled with its large unmet medical need, has led to one of the most closely-contested first-to-market races within the pharma industry. Several pipeline products have demonstrated superiority over current NASH standards of care. However, early market entrants will need to remain sensitive to pricing, in a disease where changes in lifestyle can also be an effective treatment.

The report includes Clarivate's proprietary patient population forecast built around the company's Incidence & Prevalence Database, focusing on the US, the 5EU countries, Japan, and BRIC.

Executive summary
 1. Disease background
 2. Market size
   2.1 Epidemiology
   2.2 Financial
 3. Clinical feasibility
   3.1 Biomarkers
   3.2 Preclinical models
   3.3 Clinical trial overview
 4. Competitive Landscape
   4.1 Standards of care algorithms
   4.2 Unmet Needs
 5. Development Landscape
   5.1 Pipeline
   5.2 Key players
   5.3 Promising MOAs
6. Appendix