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Winning projects were - The optimisation of a water-side free cooling system (Frances:F); Applying super-cold VAV technology to a building system connected to a central chilled-water plant (Zemla:A); Control of steam humidification systems (Linde:J:L); Optimisation techniques employed in the design of a runaround heat recovery system (Bosko:K:L); A heat pump operating between the outdoor air and exhaust air streams to recover energy and provide thermal comfort in a laboratory building (Geinzer:B:R); Application of ice storage to an existing campus chilled water system (Miller:J:T); Application of the `cold ceiling and heat source ventilation system' in a laboratory and office building (Li:Kam); A cost- and energy-effective ice storage/integrated sprinkler HVAC system that ensures compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 (Kerr:D); Air-side heat pump - a university swimming and diving facility's answer to poor indoor air quality (Morrell:S:D); Shifting demand load in a water-source heat pump office building (Sine:K:S); A simple, accurate means of documenting DDC control design (Thompson:D:B); Task HVAC redesign (White:J); CV + VAV - A VAV design alternative for supplying the proper amount of outdoor air to office environments (Chiesa:G:P).

KEYWORDS: Building services, education, designing, cooling, humidifying.