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A computer program that can predict the performance of gas-fired, storage-type water heaters has been developed (Paul 1993), Describes some of its capabilities and provides some comparisons between its predictions of water heater performance and the laboratory tests on three different types of water heaters. The water heaters tested were a conventional single-flue water heater, a conventional single-flue water heater equipped with a powered sidewall vent, and a triple-flue water heater. The performance parameters used for comparison were the water heater's energy factor, its recovery efficiency, and its average water temperature during the DOE 24-hour simulated use test for water heaters (DOE 1990).

KEYWORDS: gas fired, water heaters, performance, validating, computer programs, water heat storage, water heating, comparing, calculating, laboratory testing, water temperature, hot water supply.

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Trans. 1994, Vol.100, Part 1,