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The most widely adopted element of a building code in the United States and the world, the NEC is the benchmark for safe and efficient electrical installations. Whether your jurisdiction adopts the 2002 Code immediately or down the road, you need to extend your knowledge and take advantage of the benefits right away, not months or years behind your peers in the electrical industry.

The 2002 edition contains over 400 revisions cover to cover!

The 2002 edition contains new safety improvements, the first requirements for emerging technologies, and new provisions for installing TVSS.

  • Article 285 provides greater Code support when handling transient voltage surge suppressors
  • Improve your efficiency handling receptacles, cord connectors, and attachment plugs by following the one-stop Article 406
  • Access rules covering fuel cell systems in the new Article 692.
  • Save time with new parallel numbering systems for Raceway and Cable Articles in Chapter 3: Wiring
  • Follow clearer safety guidelines with the completely reorganized Hazardous (Classified) Locations Articles
  • The IBEW and NJATC are applauding the 2002 NEC's enhancements to the safety of installations, including new requirements for flash protection marking and panic hardware in Article 110, and new safety rules for motor disconnect locations in Article 430
  • Find a handy compilation of product safety standards in the new Annex A

  • Our deluxe Looseleaf National Electrical Code includes a durable 3-ring binder, so it's easy to add your own pages, or remove Code rules for copying or reference in the field.


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