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Be fully informed from the start. Work with the industry's best roadmap to the reorganized 2002 NFPA 99!

Changes in NFPA 99 impact how you design, install, test, and use a wide array of systems in health care facilities. To put provisions into effect correctly, turn to NFPA's Health Care Facilities Handbook. This practical guide provides the extra guidance you need to answer your questions on the spot!

Updated commentary and visuals, and a valuable cross-reference table help you master new and revised rules!

Only the new Health Care Facilities Handbook brings you...
  • The entire text of the 2002 NFPA 99
  • Authoritative background data and commentary
  • 200 charts, photos, and illustrations
  • A new cross-reference table lets you easily compare requirements in the 1999 and 2002 editions
  • New supplements on fires in health care facilities and the recovery efforts at the Texas Medical Center after Tropical Storm Alison...and more!

  • Get the facts to apply NFPA 99 with confidence. Reserve your copy of the 2002 Handbook today.

    Document History

    1. NFPA (Fire) 99HB15

      Health Care Facilities Handbook, 2015 Edition

      • Most Recent
    2. NFPA (Fire) 99HB12

      Health Care Facilities Handbook, 2012 Edition

      • Historical Version
    3. NFPA (Fire) 99HB05

      Health Care Facilities Handbook, 2005 Edition

      • Historical Version
    4. NFPA (Fire) 99HB


      Health Care Facilities Handbook, 2002 edition

      • Historical Version