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Apply NFPA 88A alongside today's NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®, NFPA 5000®, Building Construction and Safety Code®, and NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code®.

Updated for consistency with the Life Safety Code® and the NEC®, NFPA 88A, Standard for Parking Structures is an essential resource for builders, designers, owners, and facility managers responsible for parking structure safety and code compliance. The 2019 edition provides the latest requirements for the construction and protection of open and enclosed parking structures, as well as the control of hazards. The Standard does not apply to garages that are part of one- and two-family dwellings.

NFPA 88A provisions address:
  • Means of egress
  • Construction
  • Building services and fire protection
  • Special hazard protection
  • Special structures, including definitions and requirements for the genre of parking structures termed "Automated Mechanical Type Parking Structures"
Changes in this edition include updated references, a new definition for autodrive vehicle, and other clarifications. (Softbound, 16 pp., 2019)

Document History

  1. NFPA (Fire) 88A


    Standard for Parking Structures, 2019 Edition

    • Most Recent
  2. NFPA (Fire) 88A

    Standard for Parking Structures, 2015 Edition

    • Historical Version
  3. NFPA (Fire) 88A

    Standard for Parking Structures, 2011 Edition

    • Historical Version
  4. NFPA (Fire) 88A

    Parking Structures, 2007 Edition

    • Historical Version