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Water-cooling towers are a vital aspect of fire protection. NFPA 214 is your source for the latest facts for designers, installers, inspectors, and maintenance personnel.

NFPA 214: Standard on Water-Cooling Towers presents the latest requirements and data on fire protection systems for field-erected and factory-assembled water-cooling towers of combustible construction -- or those in which the fill is of combustible material.

This vital Standard helps fire protection designers and engineers work confidently to determine the type and amount of fire protection needed -- by taking into account factors such as importance to continuity of operation, size and construction of tower, type of tower, location of tower, water supply, and climate. Code officials depend on NFPA 214 for inspection, and facilities managers reference its maintenance chapter to help ensure proper care.

Chapters address:
  • Location of water-cooling towers, including construction materials and fire risk analysis
  • Fire protection system design, corrosion protection, hydrant and standpipe protection, water supply, and lightning and earthquake protection
  • Electrical equipment and wiring, including installation and overcurrent protection
  • Maintenance, with sections on housekeeping, smoking, mechanical inspection, inspection frequency, welding and cutting, access, lockout, and more

Document History

  1. NFPA (Fire) 214


    Standard on Water-Cooling Towers, 2016 Edition

    • Most Recent
  2. NFPA (Fire) 214

    Standard on Water-Cooling Towers, 2011 Edition

    • Historical Version
  3. NFPA (Fire) 214

    Standard on Water-Cooling Towers, 2005 Edition

    • Historical Version