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Achieve top system reliability and job performance with the 2007 NFPA 13 and Handbook Set!

Sprinkler protection has evolved! Make sure you're ready to meet the challenge by getting the big picture on today's sprinkler systems technology, methods and research--only available in the 2007 NFPA 13 and Handbook Set. This powerhouse team delivers the latest requirements plus the complete guidance needed to implement them correctly at savings of 15%!

  • The 2007 NFPA 13: Installation of Sprinkler Systems is the new benchmark for all types of sprinkler installations. Fully updated to incorporate the latest technological developments and industry best practices, this widely referenced Standard puts you at the forefront of sprinkler protection. You'll get the latest seismic criteria, revised installation rules for residential sprinklers, more specific storage provisions, clarified design options, and much more.
  • NFPA's authoritative 2007 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook helps you master requirements in NFPA 13. The complete 2007 Standard text is enhanced by expert commentary that explains the rationale behind the rules and provides tips for applying them in specific situations. FAQs from your peers raise relevant questions and supply clear answers. Valuable tables, charts, illustrations, and photographs visually clarify concepts. Supplements provide in-depth coverage of important topics that affect your work

Document History

  1. NFPA (Fire) 13SET10

    Installation of Sprinkler Systems and Handbook Set, 2010 Edition

    • Most Recent
  2. NFPA (Fire) 13SET07


    NFPA 13: Installation of Sprinkler Systems and Handbook Set, 2007 Edition

    • Historical Version