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Full Description

This 560-page 1st edition handbook is unique, with no other publication offering a comprehensive resource for design phase commissioning (DPC) information of this type. The handbook, from the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), is intended to be used by the commissioning professional in reviewing building mechanical system design documents and determining their relevance and completeness to the total quality of the project. A prominent feature of the handbook is over 60 separate, multiple pages, review guidelines on HVAC equipment and systems used in building mechanical systems, including:


Each review guideline provides comprehensive information on the review task. For example, a review guideline for a specific item, such as “Fans,” contains the review tasks shown in the left column of the handbook, while the right column contains experienced based comments to guide the reviewer through the process. Additionally, the appendices contain the NEBB Commissioning Matrix, Commissioning Process Matrix, and Commissioning Responsibility Matrix.

The NEBB design phase commissioning process is not intended to be a peer review of the design professional’s work or responsibilities, as these remain the responsibility of the design professional and the design team. Design phase commissioning is the process of evaluating each system and element of the design as it relates to commission ability, operability, maintainability and industry accepted best practices.

The handbook is designed for the use of NEBB Certified Firms and other interested parties. It is highly useful to the design professional as a comprehensive checklist of experienced based parameters for HVAC systems. The information provides the rationale and reasons to avoid commonly encountered problems, which is especially useful to owners, contractors, commissioning administrations and engineers. The handbook is also an excellent training tool. Softbound; 8 ½ x 11in.;

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