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A series of over 20 articles and papers from the ASHRAE Journal, ASHRAE IAQ Conferences and ASHRAE's semi-annual meetings to help you avoid mold & moisture problems in your building The general public and the ASHRAE membership share a concern with the problems associated with excess moisture and mold in buildings, both commercial and residential. The problems are complex and widely publicized and seldom fall into any single professional responsibility. This series of articles and papers is ideal for: Designers, Engineers, Building owners & managers, Architects, Facility / plant management, Operations / maintenance management, and Quality control managers. This collection of articles and papers shows how moisture behaves in buildings, what happens when there is too much of it, and how these problems can be avoided. It provides extensive technical background along with specific suggestions. The papers are organized into five sections:
  1. Mold Fundamentals
    How mold grows, where it grows and how fast, along with discussions of its effects on those who have asthma.
  2. Moisture Behavior in Buildings
    How moisture moves through building assemblies and how to investigate moisture problems.
  3. Dehumidification & HVAC Systems
    The dehumidification performance of cooling systems, and alternatives for improving dehumidification capacity of HVAC systems.
  4. Commercial Buildings, Problems and Solutions
    ASHRAE design suggestions for humidity control systems, air leakage rates typical of buildings in North America, and ways to prevent construction-related mold.
  5. Residential Buildings, Problems and Solutions
    Mold and moisture in residential buildings and subassemblies, including cathedral ceilings, crawlspaces, and portable housing.
This download-only collection is a great resource for those needing a basic understanding of mold and moisture management. Developed by ASHRAE staff, the editor of the ASHRAE Journal and technical committee members. Download only; 159 Pages; 2003, ASHRAE.
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