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A description of a heat transfer system involving an electrochemical compressor and one or more electrochemical cells, electrically connected to each other through a power supply, is provided herein. The device is motorless, noiseless, modular and scalable. It does not employ any kind of CFC or similar, and is thus a truly non-GHG, environmentally-friendly refrigeration cycle. This device theoretically will significantly exceed the efficiencies of existing systems based on Mechanical-Electric or Thermo-electric devices. It could be produced in small formats (50-500 Watts) and in larger formats (500-5000 Watts). It has a uniquely flexible form-factor offering industrial-designers many new opportunities for rethinking refrigeration. Innate efficiencies allow reductions in energy costs in production, operation and maintenance. This device is potentially transformational and disruptive for a very large number of heat transfer applications, and is being developed for large scale commercialization.

Citation: ASHRAE Conference Papers, Montreal, QC