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The database of the equipment characteristics provided by the BEST (Building Energy Simulation Tool) program is a flexible and expandable data set in which interactions among building equipments are well considered. These characteristic databases are always maintained in the neutral and fair way by the five subcommittee which are not affected by any specific manufacturer. The BEST program is designed to express every model in modules and can create various system configurations like major simulation tools such as TRNSYS and EnergyPlus. In this paper, the importance of modifiability of equipment databases, the expandability of the BEST program's equipment databases, and the details of developing equipment characteristic databases are explained.

And, the methods to apply equipment characteristics based on other standards are also introduced. This database has three data sets (nominal performance characteristics, part load performance characteristics, and dynamic performance characteristics) which are solved by applying two modelling methods (empirical model and/or physics-based model) to represent equipment characteristics to provide shorter calculation cycles in the coupled calculation within the entire building calculation. Users will be able to run the simulations just by choosing and entering general informations of the equipments which are available from catalogs. In addition, more advanced equipment characteristics (e.g. heat pump utilizing renewable energy) are also prepared in this development.